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The medical company Spriteli is a digital mental health app development service provider. Its project is to provide consultative and meditative services to all users who need specialist support. Anyone can use these services simply by logging into the software and filling out a profile.

The main niche of the application is psychiatric care. The company emphasizes its efforts in cooperation with the Boston hospital and develops in parallel an alternative method of providing support to clients and patients with various kinds of disorders.

The company conducted a comprehensive study of the industry and found its weaknesses. Then they focused on eliminating them with an innovative app for consumers and medical personnel.

What is the value of Spriteli?

Spriteli’s digital product is a state-of-the-art application for the healthcare industry. It is designed to meet the strict requirements of HIPAA, SMART On FHIR, and HL7 standards. Thus, the IT solution aims to increase the availability of medical services through remote consultations with industry specialists.

The process involves trained coaches who help thousands of clients every day. Communication takes place in video format, in two-minute consultations. They are based on global best practices that benefit consumers through proprietary actions and techniques of mindfulness, affirmations, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

This approach not only helps reduce the cost of traditional treatment techniques but will also allow services to be delivered remotely without losing the quality of care.

Who can benefit from the Spriteli project?

Initially, the project was launched as a startup, with the support of research centers in the US and the UK, as well as funding from interested parties on crowdfunding platforms. After testing and optimizing the digital solution, the developers decided to scale the IT product and expand the audience by connecting remote users from English-speaking countries.

Spriteli helps patients and clients fight panic attacks and other cognitive or behavioral disorders. Only qualified coaches with the appropriate education and experience in the medical field are allowed to work with the application.

That’s what makes Spriteli one of the best products on the market in the niche of systems for healthcare and related services.