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BusyMind is a modern tool for meditation. The peculiarity of the project is its focus on people who want to combine work, home life, and rest. The app is designed to organize the user’s day so that they can do routine work and, simultaneously, devote time to meditative practices from world experts.

The startup’s story began in 2015 with a small project that quickly transformed into a full-fledged IT product. Project developer Kevin Lamping invested his own money and resources in the development of a digital solution for a large number of consumers around the world. This development was the starting point for the product version that Android and iOS device owners can use to this day.

The meditation app development project is designed to facilitate access to useful and enjoyable practices for users around the world, regardless of their occupation, employment, or worldview.

What is the value of BusyMind?

The program is designed to improve such qualities of a person:

  • stress resistance,
  • attentiveness,
  • concentration,
  • sensitivity,
  • self-awareness.

In this case, text prompts are used instead of traditional practices using audio and video effects. The product is designed to consider the time factor of studying content in a limited environment. That’s why you can work with the application at any time of the day, both in the workplace and at home.

The practices in the app allow users to unfocus their attention for a short period and immerse themselves in their consciousness. This positively affects a person’s performance and concentration, increasing their productivity by more than 50%.

In addition, users can self-regulate their meditations by adjusting the mode to fit the day’s schedule.

Who can benefit from BusyMind?

The main target audience of the product includes:

  • business people,
  • parents and guardians,
  • developers,
  • coaches and trainers,
  • HR-specialists,
  • marketing specialists,
  • researchers.

Everyone whose work or activities are associated with high stress, high workload, and a minimum amount of free time will benefit from this software.

With its native style of presentation, unobtrusive prompts, and no requirements for devices or equipment, BusyMind helps to relieve the mind as quickly as possible. This leads to positive results such as:

  • increased concentration levels,
  • decreased stress levels,
  • improved memory,
  • mental relaxation,
  • physical rest.

Even a minimal break of five minutes for the BusyMind practices can improve the user’s productivity and give them a boost of energy for almost the whole working day. If you alternate the techniques and repeat them in cycles, your overall productivity will improve and bring positive results, such as praise from your boss or even a promotion. You will be interested in the topic – real estate software development.