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    The Medical Applications We’ve Built Manage Over 5 Million Patients In The USA & EU

    Now It’s YOUR Time To Create A Product That’ll Make You An Industry Leader


    Patient involvement is the start point for daily health management. By developing a delighting end-user experience with us, your product will stay ahead of its competition.

    • Doctor Search
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Online Billing
    • Health Records & Test Results
    • Doctor’s Recommendations
    • Secure Messaging
    • Data Export
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    Medical practitioners are the driving force behind healthcare products. We want to share their real needs with you.

    • Optimization of Workload
    • Protocol Matching
    • Access to Lab Results & Records
    • Therapy Planning
    • Specialists Concilium
    • Ratings & Reviews


    Resource planning is a vast field of opportunities for medical software development. We’re familiar with industry challenges and standards and undertake them confidently.

    • Custom CRM
    • Inventory & Procurement
    • Order & Delivery Management
    • Provider Dashboards
    • Payment Management
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    More than 60% of patients use a smartphone to make an appointment or check their treatment plan. Enable cross-platform development to ensure your service reaches all who need it.

    • Health Tracking
    • Educational Apps
    • Gamification
    • Alerts & Reminders
    • Maps Integrations

    What Others Using Glorium Have To Say

    “Glorium Technologies produces satisfactory deliverables to accelerate new feature releases. The team is attentive and manages the engagement effectively. They are analytical and communicate suggestions to encourage improvements, which fosters a long-term partnership.”

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    “We have been working with Glorium for 3 years and have found their work outstanding. They seem more like a partner than another company. They deliver top quality work on time and on budget. I own two companies and use them exclusively now. I highly recommend you consult with them if you are looking for development work.”

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    Glorium Is Proud To Be A Part Of The Inc. 5000 Regionals List Of Fastest-growing Private Companies In The Ny Metro Area





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