There are a lot ways to create a mobile application. Glorium Technologies decided to provide you with the main features of three different ways of app development: hybrid cross platform development, native platform development, and Xamarin cross platform development. With such information provided, it should be easier for you to make a choice.


xamarin app development



Xamarin allows developers to write native aAndroid, iOS and Windows apps with native UI ad share code across the platforms.


Let’s compare

  • Hybrid cross platform development: slow performance, limited UI/UX features, limited access to native APIs, fast implementation.
  • Native platform development: increased development time and cost, better user experience, fast performance, access to device features.
  • Xamarin cross platform development: Xamarin apps are native on all the platforms, providing best UI and UX. Xamarin provides full access to the native device features. Xamarin saves time through the code sharing.


Some numbers 

  • 90% of non-interface code can be shared on both Android and iOS.
  • 1 language, C#, can be used to create full-featured app.
  • A few days is needed for Xamarin to update its features after the platform version update.


Language used

  • ObjectiveC for iOS.
  • Java for Android.
  • C# for Xamarin.


What else cool about Xamarin?

  • Xamarin test cloud
    tests an app before the final launch. It can check anything your user will do – it interacts in the same way.
    * Beautiful reports provided.
  • Xamarin Insights
    shows you if your app has crashed, in what way and at what stage, and identifies similar cases to understand the problem. It also gathers stats of user interactions.


Over 15,000 companies rely on Xamarin.