Referral Program


We are looking for experts ready to take the initiative, hungry for continuous learning, and those keeping positive and inspiring vibes within the Company.


How to submit a referral?

Go to “Refer a friend”, fill in the form and get your bonus.

Requirements for a referral:

  • The candidate must be aware of the vacant position and willing to cooperate with Glorium Technologies.
  • You cannot recommend yourself, however, you are welcome to check out our job openings.
  • We accept a referral if the Talent Acquisition Specialist has not contacted the candidate in the last 3 months.
  • You must be the first person to recommend the candidate for the vacancy (the date and time of the submission will be recorded).
  • The referred person was already unrecommended by someone else over the last three months.
  • The candidate is no longer involved in the selection process within the current vacancies.
  • The referral bonus depends on the candidate’s qualification level, but not on the level of the open position.

How you can get your referral bonus

The bonus is given / entitled after the candidate has successfully passed the probation period (If the probation period is prolonged, we’ll let you know):
  • Management and Lead positions – 3 months
  • Other positions – 2 months
You will be informed about a referral bonus payment by email from the responsible TAS or HR PP Assistant.
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