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By attracting outstanding talents to our company, we care about creating a favorable working environment and keeping a corporate culture at the highest level.

In our activity, we are guided by the proven principle – for stellar performance, you must be excellent at relaxing. Here is what we are doing to maintain the work-life balance of our professionals.

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Glorium Corporate Parties

Teamwork and collaboration are crucial in reaching common goals. In Glorium, we believe that discovering a colleague outside the work environment also fosters stronger bonds inside the team. Traditionally, we celebrate the New Year together and also celebrate our Сompany’s birthday on a warm summer evening.
BIG Summer Party 2019
BIG NY 2020
Glorium Pool
Party 2020
Pool party 2018

Special Occasions

We are always hungry to celebrate different pleasant occasions. We know how to do it with all our heart, enjoying our friendly atmosphere, which we maintain at work and in corporate activities. This allows us to escape everyday life and create desired conditions for informal talks.

St.Nicholas Day 2020
Thanksgiving Day
Anniversary pack
Programmers Day
BIG Women s Day 2018
BIG probig pid kashtanamy

Having Fun

Sometimes we don’t need a reason to get together; we just search for good entertainment! It could be a board game, a tennis tournament, a cooking class, or an online quiz. The main thing is not what, but – with whom. And, you know, in such events, our team repeatedly proves how intelligent, savvy, witty, creative, and friendly they are!
Pizza Day
BIG Tennis Tournament

Team training

The company’s development is built with a small achievement of each member. Not only does learning unite us, but proves how much we can be encouraged and inspired by each other’s progress. Team learning and connecting can be so fortunate that you can’t afford to miss this chance next time!

BIG Motivation management training
Customer focus training
English speaking club
Software Architecture Methodology meetup
IT biz conference Outsource people 2019

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