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Patient Experience

Patient involvement is the start point for daily health
management. By developing a delighting end-user experience
with us, your product will stay ahead of the competition.
  • Doctor search
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Health records and test results
  • Doctor’s recommendations
  • Secure messaging
  • Online billing
  • Data export

Doctor Experience

Medical practitioners are the driving force
behind healthcare products.

We want to share their real needs with you.

  • Optimization of workload
  • Access to lab results and records
  • Therapy planning

  • Protocol matching
  • Specialists Concilium
  • Ratings and reviews
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Patient Database


Resource planning is a vast field of opportunities for medical
software development. We’re familiar with industry challenges and standards and
undertake them confidently.
  • Custom CRM
  • Provider dashboards
  • Inventory and procurement
  • Order and delivery management
  • Payment Management

Medical Practice

70% of doctors’ work stays behind the scenes from patients. It’s important to streamline processes that contribute to the lifecycle of a healthcare organization and its reputation.
  • EHR/EMR integrations
  • E-prescribing
  • Laboratory management

  • Medication tracking
  • Content management
  • Billing
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Patient Database

Mobile Access

More than 60% of patients use a smartphone to make an appointment or check their treatment plan. Enable cross-platform development to ensure your service reaches all who need it.
  • Health tracking
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Educational Apps
  • Maps integrations
  • Gamification

& Analytics

Data-based quality care improves performance, reduces human errors, and provides analytics for population health. Take control of your essential processes 24/7.
  • Big data processing
  • Financial management
  • Monitoring of health parameters

  • Pattern & anomaly recognition
  • Data tracking for clinical decision-making
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Patient Database

Digital Healthcare

Take a step further with digital innovations.

We offer the latest technologies for precise diagnostics and treatment outcome forecasting.

  • Telemedicine
  • Machine Learning
  • AI and AR
  • HL7 Interface Development
  • Image and speech processing