Outsourcing IT companies: success stories
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outsourcing success cases

According to ComputerEconomics, the IT budget share spent on outsourcing IT companies constituted 10.6% in 2016. At ComputerEconomics, they believe, basing on their survey, outsourcing is becoming more and more promising for the smaller companies. Such companies currently outsource almost at the same level as the larger ones. The most popular type of outsourcing is[…]

Why Outsource: clear list of arguments.
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reasons for outsourcing

  Outsourcing, in a nutshell, is transferring of usually-solved-by-inner-staff activities to specialized third-party service providers. Such an approach is believed to be time- and cost-efficient. Statista. com claims that global revenue from the outsourced services gained the sum of $88.9 bn in 2015, and it is going to get even higher. Let’s find out why.  […]


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