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Fast, Productive and Financially
Lean IT Drives Your Success

It is a complex area and running all operations can be quite challenging from a budgetary and human resources standpoint. Throw in a new development or the need to quickly produce a customized solution and the challenge and stress level can increase exponentially.

Glorium Technologies relieves the stress of balancing the budget, juggling people tasks and skillsets and maintaining an efficient operation by shouldering these and other burdens effectively and affordably. We help you make better IT decisions.

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Improve IT efficiency while cutting your costs
  • No more communication barriers or slowed production times.
  • Glorium has honed outsourcing to an exact, efficient and cost-beneficial process that delivers absolute quality.
  • Choose from onshore U.S. professionals, offshore Belarus and Ukraine developers or a blending of the two.
  • Let us do what we do best – provide the finest in IT solutions to power the profitability and success of your growing company.
The benefits of outsourcing to Glorium
  • Tap into a virtually unlimited pool of IT resources at a very limited cost.
  • We attract and hire the world’s best IT professionals and make their skills available to you as you need them.
  • No more exhaustive searches for personnel, long interviews, hiring and training for long or short-term jobs.
  • By outsourcing your IT to us, you gain every possible advantage while reducing costs and eliminating the headaches that come with trying to plan for every foreseeable circumstance in your IT department.
Improve IT Quality
Right from the beginning, we’ll show you how working with us provides a multitude of direct benefits to your organization. Because of the way we work, you get access to the finest developers, the best project managers and the most powerful IT solutions and systems possible.
  • Higher level talent

    We find and hire the best and make them available to you as you need them.

  • Better overall solution or product design

    With the best talent comes the best products.

  • Cut the costs

    With our onshore and offshore assets, you can maximize your IT dollar and actually save money while producing better solutions.

  • No fixed overhead cost

    You use Glorium as you nedd us. You no longer have to try and plan for the future and hire expensive IT professionals just in case you might need them later on.

  • Lower overall cost

    We spread out assets over multiple projects and shoulder the entire financial burden of hiring for you. You actually get more skilled IT professionals for less and your end result is always a cut above.

  • Become more competitive

    It`s difficult if not impossible for a medium-sized company to gather the same IT assets on a permanent basis as a larger corporation. With Glorium, you tap into a virtually unlimited pool of talent and can compete with your larger competition at a far lower cost.

  • More flexibility

    Get what you want as you need it - gain access to a far broader range of expert skillsets that you could possible hire on your own.

  • Less headaches, focus on core business

    Start your projects quicker because you don`t have to find and train your personnel.

You can generate capital directly from IT
Can you imagine actually profiting from your IT department?
Does it seem odd to think of an expense as a source of revenue?
By working with Glorium Technologies, you actually have the opportunity to streamline both how your IT department works and shrink your IT budget down so that you can use that extra money any way that you want to.
How it works
With rapid changes in technology and your ever-increasing dependence on your IT department, it’s only natural to expect to have to set aside more money for this purpose. When you add in unexpected IT needs or the need to develop something from scratch, your IT budget can easily balloon out of control.

Glorium Technologies allows you to avoid this by providing you with the best IT professionals, top solutions and as-needed development all the while trimming costs, reducing your overhead and actually increasing the power you can derive from your IT.
When Glorium performs an in-depth analysis on your existing IT systems, personnel and needs, we make recommendations as to how you can streamline your processes as well as save money.

annual budget


annual budget



Extra $90,000 that you are not
spending every year can now be
considered profit. It can be spent on
other departments, put into payroll,
bonuses etc. You might even use
that extra capital to fund a large
development project that you’ve
been putting off due to the
enormous costs.

Part of what we do at Glorium is show you how things can be done better, faster, stronger and more cost-effectively. When you can lower your IT costs, increase productivity, take advantage of more flexibility and bridge the gaps between line of business and IT, your organization benefits exponentially and for a long time to come.
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