Making It Convenient

Healthcare Information Technology is the sphere where accuracy is vital. We understand it and provide medical organizations with the healthcare software of the highest quality possible. 7 years of experience allowed us to get not only excellent expertise but also an understanding of all the intangibles that exist in the medical world.

Technologies for healthcare is a sensitive sphere: it requires the highest level of security and knowledge of the specific laws and documentation. We already know all the details and nuances needed so that your project can be started much faster.

What We Do With Healthcare Software:

Document Management and Data Management Reporting

  • Medical profile and history.
  • A consolidated web-based dashboard, summarizing all information about hospital.
  • Statistical data in the observed network.
  • Digital signing of orders and medical forms.
  • Creation of electronic prescription and sending orders to providers.
  • Logging of therapist activities from time tracking perspective.
  • Electronic copies of document workflow.
  • Patient satisfaction survey functionality.
  • Patients electronic medical record.

Health Monitoring

  • Sleep study data scoring.
  • Patients’ log of INR blood level.
  • Patients electronic medical record.
  • Automatic ECG measurements and interpretation.


  • Appointment calendar.
  • Warnings and doctor recommendation.
  • Text and file exchange btw doctors and patients.
  • Video consultation and connectivity service and interpretation.

Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance

  • Track of the equipment used.
  • Google Maps services integration to track distance,
    traffic time and history for the medical vehicle.
  • Equipment performance tracking and interpretation.

Resource Distribution

  • Tracking vehicle location by GPS via a mobile app.
  • Driving directions and navigation to the patient location.
  • Monitoring of delays for quick moving, rescheduling.
  • Distributing the appointments by a central office.

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