Putting It in Order

One of the main purposes of software in the business field is bringing order to operational processes. Finance is perhaps the sphere that requires it most. We are proud to say that many banks and trade establishments have improved their workflows with our financial software.

We help financial institutions to:

  • Keep their regulation and security issues in order.
  • Shorten the operation progress time.
  • Cut inner operating cost.
  • Satisfy their clients with the increased digital needs.

Hosting Services

  • Remote hosting services of the trading algorithms.
  • Connection to a number of brokerage platform or ECN APIs to manage the exchange
    trade execution.
  • Lifecycle and interpretation.

Trade Regulations

  • Hosting of a number of customers submitted algorithms.
  • Management of full lifecycle of the trade with regulatory and compliance reporting.
  • Trade execution in quick and full ticket formats.
  • Trade visualization in customizable blotter formats, including cross-product views.
  • Trade workflow customization.
  • Straight through processing (STP) for electronic executions on ECNs/SEFs.
  • Accumulation of latest risk and position numbers at different customized levels.
  • Mobile supplement for the trading and risk management.

Trade Platforms Integration

  • Derivative activity capture (inception, unwinds, step-ins, step-outs).
  • Integration with Risk, MTM, Fee, Net Money APIs.
  • Real-time management information data – activity, revenue, trader, sales people.
  • Front to Back Trade Monitoring & Exception Management.

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