Looking for the ways to make your business processes better? Glorium Technologies is ready to become a booster of your IT department, its fully-featured part. We’ve defined three main points that can have a great impact on your enterprise.

Productivity, Security, and Costs

So, let’s look at them in details.



40% of US enterprise employees use their personal gadgets for work purposes.
Enterprises get extra 240 working hours when employees work mobile*.

Now you get the idea of how technology can impact the business processes.
We are ready to implement digital strategies to make your corporate life better.

We have cases of making enterprises better bringing them mobile. We’ve worked with data management for hospitals, electronic prescriptions, etc.

The result: productivity increase and workflow convenience. Better!



“Safety first” is one more principle of ours that correlates with another critical issue at
the enterprise level.
We take it seriously as we know the possible outcomes.

According to Kaspersky, on average, a data breach for enterprises costs $551k. 60% of businesses that suffer a breach find their workflow severely impaired. All our projects are treated with high level of security.

Experience with healthcare and financial projects lets us make such a statement. The spheres being highly regulated, showed us all the possible pitfalls of security.



By 2018, 90% of enterprises will have to make their apps suitable for at least two platforms*. Developing native apps for several platforms is not cheap. But we found a way out — Xamarin.

Xamarin provides apps that are native for both iOS and Android. It requires only one language — C#.
One developer = two platforms. Less workforce = fewer expenses.

Cutting operational expenses is possible by outsourcing your Development/IT department fully or partially. Being located in Ukraine, our developers can cut your costs twice or more, depending on your current setup.
Get most out of the outsourcing benefits.

We have more tricks and ideas how to reduce the development time and cost, just ask.


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