Shifting It to Web & Mobile

Due to the Internet expansion, retail has been shifting to the web for more than a decade. We were an
essential part of this process, helping retailers get into the e-commerce world.

Statista says that in 2016e-commerce constituted 8.2% of all the retail sales in the US.
In 2020, this number is forcasted to reach 12.6%. The research also expects retail e-commerce to reach
$4 trillion in 2020. Promising, isn’t it?

Mobile e-commerce is expanding, too. In 2016, it earned almost $116 billion, and in 2020, it is predicted
to get around $336 billion.
We believe that it is a great market for the business to develop and are ready to help make shopping digital and mobile.

Some reasons to consider Glorium as E-commerce development company:

  • A web-based e-commerce solution for a large wine shop.
  • An online store selling portable oxygen therapy equipment.
  • A large marine supplies internet shop.

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