Full-scale ecosystem and data warehouse for property managers.
Identify risks and opportunities for making better investment decisions.

Client Background

Control.IT is the largest German provider of software that has been developing IT solutions for real estate and portfolio management since 1995. The company provides/maintains a database that helps property managers to identify risks and opportunities and make the right investment decisions. Control.IT products together manage more than 250 billion euros in the Real Estate field. Find more information on Control.IT.


Control.IT pioneered with in 1995 and, with zero competition, introduced it to the market solidly. Still, it remains the company’s leading product.
Control.IT turned to us upon recommendation with a request for transforming its successful application into a SaaS solution. The main task was to re-architecture the infrastructure for more flexibility, shift it to the Cloud, and modernize UI/UX while keeping database structure changes to a minimum.


We’ve built complete infrastructure from scratch moving the database to the Azure cloud, which was chosen for its security and reliability. Some core application parts were set as NuGet packages.
Existing desktop features were modified and updated while front-end and API were created from scratch. Now the product has an intuitive and consistent interface and performs faster due to the cloud storage.


  • Excel support
  • Fuel and Proda integrations
  • Reporting
  • Sharable smart lists.


We’ve been developing the new SaaS since October 2018, and we are proud that nobody has quit in those 2 years.


  • Accessed SAAS market instead of RDP
  • Improved existing user experience with the latest practices
  • Implemented the cutting-edge technology stack
  • Increased the team from 0 to 30 in 1 year without loss
  • Passed certification and penetration test

The product is now released in alpha version, while its complete version is planned for October 2020. When the web application is released, Control.IT will redirect all customers to use the new version.


  • CLOUD:
    Azure Infrastructure
    .Net Core
    Selenium with Java
  • DB:
    MS SQL


Fuel. Data-driven software for commercial real estate / CRE ecosystem. Forecast, value, transact.

Client Background

RealPage, Inc. is a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry. Clients use this platform to improve operating performance and increase capital returns. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Richardson, Texas, RealPage currently serves 12k+ clients worldwide from offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Find more information here.
Fuel became part of the Real Page family in 2019 after it was acquired from Hipercept.


The primary purpose was to build a cloud-based all-in-one tool allowing potential investors to estimate CRE object value by modeling it via predicting cash flows.


  • Creation of different scenarios with the possibility to change any of the initial input parameters
  • Real-time calculations based on given parameters
  • Comprehensive modeling and reporting mechanisms for financial forecasting compliant with US GAAP


Our team was developing Fuel from the ground for about 8 years and has been constantly delivering an innovative and robust solution. It’s accessible from the web or mobile device and provides unlimited modeling scenarios making Fuel crucial for owners, investors, property managers, appraisers, and brokers.
Flexible pricing plans based on the customer asset quantity or period of usage are available.


  • Financial modeling mechanism allows real-time calculation of all elements of cash flow and main financial metrics like IRR, Capitalization rates, and Equity multiplicators.
  • The product covers all areas of modeling: Revenue side, Expenses side (CapEx, OpEx), debt burden (loans taken) modeling, recoverability of expenses, etc.
  • Fuel reports are accepted by banks during the underwriting process.
  • Integration with market data providers (VTS, JDE, Strategic Group, RealPage Corp.) allows retrieving market data per industry/region/ property type, etc.
  • The product allows the creation of sensitivity layers – each factor can be changed and the result of such change is shown, allowing the incremental impact of every component to be seen.
  • Modeling mechanism counts all elements per property unit or tenant, monthly, and per each revenue/expense category.
  • Recoverability of expenses could be modeled on the tenant/unit level as % of the area occupied, % of overall costs, or an absolute amount.

Fuel started in 2012 and quickly became the best in class application. It’s available for the USA market and is planned to expand to Europe.


  • CLOUD:
    Azure Infrastructure

    MS Azure Functions
    .Net Framework
    .Net Core
    MS SQL