B2B growth explosion for an influence marketing platform

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The Business

Kidazzler is a parenting platform and community of mom influencers that help customers find the best deals for families on the US market. On the other side, businesses might reach their target audiences and promote their kids-oriented products and services. The key idea of Kidazzler is to connect families and businesses at the exact moment they are looking for each other, creating success all around.

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Like any startup, Kidazzler is looking for a way to be fast-growing. The success of such type of business crucially depends on the number of users and companies joined. They have chosen sales-led tactics supported by the surface marketing vision of the owners. No marketing specialists were involved. The approach means complete outbound efforts, rewarding users for adding new participators and companies to the community. The lead generation process was uncontrollable and time-consumable due to irrelevant or misqualified leads.
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In order to accelerate Kidazzler platform growth, the activities were separated into two main directions: inbound marketing and email campaigns. During the preparation phase, we defined the existing market and possible demand for the platform’s capabilities. Next step – commercially attractive landing pages creation: the concept – design – development.

After the pages were published, paid campaigns (Google Search and Google Display ads) and email marketing were launched. Using multiple variations of headlines/descriptions/visuals and different targeting settings during the tests, we identified the most efficient and removed all too costly or irrelevant ones.

For the email campaigns, we used contacts provided by the client – those who were aware of Kidazzler in the past and completely “cold” ones who had no idea about the platform.


During the 3-months project, Glorium Growth Team has gained around 1000 hot leads within a freemium model. Most of the businesses registered on the Kidazzler platform were interested in paid services. As a result, the client has experienced a monthly revenue increase in the range of 20-25%.

of average leads increasing weekly.
of website session duration increasing monthly.
of website traffic increasing monthly.
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Email marketing:

24% average open rate (sustainable growth: from 14% when we started, and to 35% for the last week when this case study was published). 1,81% average click rate.

Next Steps

Satisfied by the results we’re expanding the current activities and adding the new ones:

  • Kidazzler website improvement and technical restructuring;
  • Extensive content marketing (educational purpose);
  • Social media activities – mainly to help the content distribution;
  • We’re keeping optimization of all the campaigns to increase the traffic quality and cheapen the leads.
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