Small Business & Startups

We know that any growing business strongly relies on three main factors:

Time, Money, and Happy Clients

Let’s see how Glorium can deal
with all the three ones



Have you heard that, according to the Good Firms study, for Tinder, PeriscopeWhatsApp, QuizUpInstagram and Uber it took, on average, 4.5 months* to create their apps?

If they managed to do it so fast, why can’t you? Especially, having such a great team as we are up sleeve. So, our offer is: “Let’s try to do it faster!

Moreover, we understand how important it is to test a product before making considerable investments in it, especially when it comes to the startups. MVP, as we see it, is the most reasonable approach. It is fast and it doesn’t burn too much of your precious resources.



52.6% of US smartphone users have Android OS, and 42.7% — Apple iOS*. This means for your mobile apps, that you should cover both platforms to satisfy all of your users. Development for the both platforms can be quite costly.

Native cross-platform development is our answer to this financial threat. For this purpose, we use Xamarin technology that allows creating native apps for Android, iOS, and Windows in one language.

You can defeat expenses by raising revenue too. In-app purchases are about 15 times* more profitable than paid apps.
We know everything about this feature and can implement it in your app.

We have many more tricks to make your project profitable. Just ask, and we’ll show you.

Clients Retention

Clients Retention

Business revenue is highly dependent on the customer satisfaction. This can be achieved only with a perfect functioning of your project.

The good news is that we take care of your final product’s user experience.

When we successfully finish a project, can keep an eye on it during the critical user adoption process and support you with any issues and updates in timely manner.

Perfect UI is another point of making your clients loyal. We keep this in mind when working on all of our projects.

To see all above in action and enjoy the process of effective development – connect with us to schedule an initial talk and share your current situation.

Clients Retention

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  • Get tips from our lead developers on how to arrange your project;
  • Our extensive experience is always a treasure for our clients;
  • Get an elaborated estimate to plan your project with numbers in mind;
  • It’s always nice to meet new people, especially those experienced in software.
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