It seems like everything is going mobile today, doesn’t it? It’s not unfamiliar, though. Remember back at the end of the 90’s when the World Wide Web was really coming into its own?


All of a sudden, it seemed, a whole bunch of big websites were exploding onto the scene and spending millions in advertising – even during the Super bowl.


Does anyone remember the first GoDaddy commercial during the Super bowl some 15 or so years back? Nobody even knew what it was at first.


Well, mobile is going through that now, or has been for a few years. Everything we do seems to have a mobile component, even if it’s only developing or re-developing your website to be responsive to phones and tablets.


The real question is – is mobile really useful to your business? Is there any way that tying your server-side, client-side and Cloud-based software and business processes to mobile smart devices is going to improve your growth or increase profits?


Here are a few ideas to think about…


How you can use mobile to expand your reach


1. Re-design your website to be mobile-friendly. A large proportion of consumers are using smart phones and tablets to surf the web, and you want to be ready to meet them on their terms.

2. Portable computing – with many smart devices, especially tablets, large and complex applications can be developed. Further, these applications can be tied into your enterprise software system to give employees the ability to perform complex information management tasks remotely.

3. Sales – with mobile, you can setup entire financial transaction systems that work over wireless and over a cell phone connection. Even further, there are applications that allow for a complete point of sale operation to take place with no data connection at all. Information is collected and sorted and then transmitted when a connection can be established.

4. Customer interactions – With mobile apps, you can allow your customers to interact with your organization 24 hours a day in a dizzying array of methods. This type of instant and continuous connection is very popular and has many profitable possibilities.

5. Supply chain management – With advanced features such as GPS, bar code readers, optical character recognition, visual scan association and real time data, it’s possible to track a unit from the warehouse to the customer at every single stage. This can dramatically reduce loss and theft as well as provide a clear understanding of your supply chain.


Essentially, there is virtually nothing that cannot be done with mobile. Any business, from the largest corporation to the smallest home cleaning service can make use of mobile technology to improve customer relations, streamline business practices and increase profitability.