According to, Ukraine has become the number one country in IT outsourcing and software development powerhouse in Europe.


The development of the country’s IT and R&D sectors has been growing at an extreme pace for the last couple of years. Major tech companies hold their R&D activities in Ukraine. For instance, Cisco, Oracle, Rakuten, Samsung, and many more. IT outsourcing companies of any size work for the clients worldwide.


Software development industry export volume in Ukraine has gained approximately $2.5 bn in 2015.


The development progress of IT specialists is the most prominent among other European countries. By 2020, IT engineers are reported to double over 200,000. The main destination of IT companies of Ukraine is the US market that takes 80% of exported services. IT specialists have demonstrated a substantial improvement of command of English for the last few years.


Over 100 global companies possess R&D subsidiaries in Ukraine. The main Ukrainian partner in R&D sector is US (45%), EU countries take the second position, and Israel the third.


Key statistics. A current number of IT specialists – 90,000. More than 1000 IT companies. More than 100 multinational R&D centers. $60m of total earnings by more than 120,000 IT-related freelancers in 2014.


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