Telemedicine technology is a great way to save both doctors’ and patients’ time. However, there are a lot of problems in the sphere. According to the JDL HealthTech survey, the main telemedicine pain point is a system sluggishness. System slowdowns bring too much harm to the productivity. Moreover, 75% of patients surveyed have concerns about privacy and security of their medical records, according to Evisit.


Forewarned is forearmed, and we seriously treat both features (productivity and security) in our projects. For instance, we use Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) that enables peer-to-peer connection and a real-time communication. It is a collection of application programming interfaces and communication protocols. As a result, browsers can request not only backend servers resources but also information from the users’ browsers. In such a way, we don’t need any internal and external plugins. That brings security to the next level, as well as improves the quality of a connection. 


Telemedicine is definitely the sphere we should develop. Graham research shows that the majority of practitioners believe that telemedicine improves the access to patients and continuity of care, as well as, reduces the travel time to the patients. We are proud of taking part in such a tremendous changes in the healthcare industry.