With today’s high speed internet technology, voice over IP communication and the integration of server, web and mobile applications, there has never been a better time to make use of inexpensive off-site IT support. This support can take the form of remote monitoring, installation of new modules for a CRM or ERP, trouble-shooting, help desk services and even complete development projects.


The real trick to making off-site IT support both effective as well as cost-effective is having the right system in place. A system that guarantees a smooth running process as well as 100% transparency for you and your team.


Let’s go over a few tips to help you in your next off-site IT support project – tips that we’ve developed here at Glorium Technologies and have proven in the field over and over with our clients:


A dedicated manager


Any organization that provides off-site IT support and/or development services should assign you a dedicated project manager. This is someone who will both act as a personal and even physically present liaison when necessary as well as the person who makes sure everything goes off without a hitch.


Do you have a choice of off-site locations?


Although this may not always be an option, it’s preferable that you get to choose where your off-site support is coming from. In our case, we use U.S., Belarus and Ukrainian offices so that we can offer our clients a variety of options and pricing structures. No matter what, though, your off-site IT support provider should offer these services without the annoying communications issues that often come with outsourcing to non-native speakers.


Get the best talent


One of the biggest advantages to off-site IT support is that you should get access to the industry’s best talent. Instead of having to hire highly skilled and very expensive professionals in house, the off-site option gives you these assets at a fraction of the cost while providing you with 100% of the benefit – or it should.


100% 24/7 access


This should be obvious – yet it’s still worth mentioning. At every stage of the game, from consultation to development to implementation and everything in between, you should have total access. There should always be a communications pipeline open and your off-site IT support provider should welcome your input at all times.


With just these four parameters, you should be able to take full advantage of the highly-effective and cost-feasible benefits that off-site IT support delivers. The further you can stretch your IT budget, the more competitive, effective and profitable you’ll be in today’s marketplace.