Have you mentioned the tendency that even the small business, to achieve success nowadays, is required to make own mobile app? Glorium Technologies has. For instance, 86% of online shopping process is spent on apps, according to SocialMediaToday. About three-quarters of mobile users check their devices at least once an hour. So, why should business lose such a great opportunity? We think that it’s not rather wise, and here are ten reason why:


Having a mobile app:


1. Is inevitable.

Remember 1990s when quite a lot were hesitating in the rationality of websites usage for business? The same is happening now for apps. And if the one does not catch up with the trend now, he/she will spend a lot of time and efforts to restore its position in the field in the near future.


2. Is a great way to promote your company.

40 times a day. Guess what does the number stand for? A person drinks a glass of water per day? No, that’s the number of times an average user check his/her mobile phone for notifications. And now imagine that you have an app for your company that will send notification, too. Your brand name will be easily recognized then.


3. Allows you to remain with a customer round the clock.

Having an app, you’ll be able to inform your customers about all the changes, promos, updates 24/7. Push notifications will let you do this.


4. Brings you closer to your customer.

Mobile app will make your company accessible everywhere and any time. It substantially increases customers loyalty.


5. Will increase your profit.

This point is an outcome of all the previous ones. Being close to customers, keeping them up-to-date, 24/7 service, all this will make company’s revenue higher.


6. Is a great way of marketing.

Mobile marketing has been reported as one of the most prominent ones. Notifications and messages are more likely to be read comparing to email notifications (60% more times).


7. Makes you more favorable.

It is another way to show your customers that you take care of them and are always ready to help and support. Current news, useful tips and much more can be delivered to your customer in an app way.


8. Helps you to get to know your customers better.

Trust of the customers is the base of further development. Mobile apps let you gather more info from your users and the ways they interact with your app. As a result, you’ll be able to provide better services and get trusted.


9. Makes you take the lead!

Mobile app is one of the possible ways to grab a big share of customers, of course, if you are one of the first in your niche. So, hurry up, as the sooner you get your mobile idea come true the further behind your competitors will be left.


10. Provides you with more control.

Mobile apps for biz help optimize business processes and make it more flexible. Plus, more data from your customers gives more control over sales.


To sum up, mobile application provides is worth spending time and efforts on, providing loads of perks and benefits for your business.