Microsoft`s Build Conference which recently took place in San Francisco revealed many innovative apps, updates, and features that could be useful for the developers. There were presented the latest tools and technologies which can help modern developers to be as creative and innovative.


The conference took place on March 39th – April 1st. Those days many announcements were made, most of which are aimed to bring about the most serious APIs that are going to make apps more human. That is such options as language recognition and capturing imaged recognition can be easily made with the power of cloud computing. So developers will no longer have to code the programs themselves. These and many other updates were delivered from the tribune by experienced and dedicated Microsoft professionals, as Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, who actually acquainted the publicity with the milestone innovations and tools of Microsoft 10, mobile PCs and Xbox. What are the most important announcements made at the conference?


1. New Windows 10 Anniversary edition

Microsoft Build announced that Windows 10 Anniversary update will come to world around July 29th. It will have Windows Hello biometric login, where you can have face recognition when log in. This and other technologies will be also rolled out on all Windows apps and devices – tablets, phones, Xbox, Microsoft Hololens and IoT.


There is another Cortana Intelligence Suite update that also goes along with that. The presentation of Cortana on the conference showed the share amount of power and deep integration that you get with Cortana. Now it will have Microsoft Bot Framework that enables interaction between users and your organization intelligent solutions through sms, Skype, Slack, and Twitter. Another service now available with Cortana is Microsoft Cognitive service that enables organizations to build intelligent solutions that can see, hear, interpret and understand the world around you.


Moreover, Windows console will add new support for native Bash Linux running on Windows itself and without the use of virtual machines.


2. Microsoft has become multi-platform

Having new platform Xamarin, Microsoft is now becoming developer-friendly. Using this platform developers now can build apps on different operating systems, using C# codebase. So the apps written on Xamarin can be operated both on iOS, Android, and Windows.


3. Internet of Things

Internet of Things devices captured our daily life and every day more businesses are introducing new approaches of how to use them.


Microsoft cloud computing platform Azure provides many solutions for IoT. Three new products discussed on the conference allow a developer to create quick and easy apps. Azure IoT Starter Kits is now available for purchase and enables Windows or Linux users build IoT prototypes easily and inexpensively. Azure IoT Hub makes it easier to interact and manage IoT devices at scale from the cloud.


4. Windows 10 on the pick of its popularity

The progress of Windows 10, its growth in popularity was discussed on the first day of Microsoft Build conference.


Terry Myerson, the Chief of Windows and Devices Group, revealed hat for the 8 months from the time of Windows 10 edition, the number of its users has increased to 270 million active users and that users have spent over 75 billion hours in the operating system.


Over 500 new devices were launched specifically for Windows 10 with screen sizes across the entire spectrum and with the Department of Defense planning to upgrade 4 million more devices to Windows 10 within the next year.


All in all, Windows 10 is acknowledged to be the fastest growing version of Windows 10 ever. The conference made it clear that Microsoft goes not round the circle but develops rapidly creating new possibilities to amaze their users and supporters. The conference did not only shared with the theoretical insight of the innovation presented, but also was filled with strong technical sessions, where visitors could meet and learn from professionals.