M&A market can boast of great news: Microsoft acquires LinkedIn, the social network with 433 professionals. The cost of acquisition equals to $26 bn. It’s been approved by both boards.


Natural ways of integration

  1. LinkedIn is a way for Microsoft to get further in the scopes of social networking and professional content, as the latter has been recently more concerned with software than its promotion.
  2. It is also another sales channel for Microsoft, as well as, communication one. Microsoft sees LinkedIn as a complementory tool for sales along with the existing CRM products.
  3. Lynda.com, online video tutorials and trainings bought by LinkedIn, is a great means for Microsoft to sell its software with bonus tutorials and learning assistance on it.


For LinkedIn this acquisition is one of the steps in their development process. Hoffman sees an “incredible opportunity” for the Linkedin members and customers.


So, we’ll see if the acquisition will achieve success in the near future.