With mobile devices getting more and more important, software innovation has been driven by mobile app developers. Perhaps, this is the main reason for Microsoft to buy a platform for cross-platform development, Xamarin. It allows developers to create mobile apps, using only one language, C#, getting, at the output, a native app for all iOS, Android and Windows. Up to 90% of shareable code speeds up the time-to-market of an app.


Xamarin’s success can be proved by enormous grows throughout its existence four years. Such an undertaking is beneficial for Microsoft as the number of Xamarin clients is more than 15,000 in 120 countries with about 100 companies from the Fortune 500 list. Recently, Xamarin has been considered as one of the startups to run the Internet.


The agreement has become logical end to the substantial partnership between Xamarin and Microsoft. Together, they completed Xamarin integration into Office 365, Visual Studio, Enterprise Mobility Suit and Microsoft Azure. From now on, their collaboration gets long-term and even closer to provide complete mobile development solutions for developers all around the world. Bringing Xamarin in-house shows that Microsoft takes cross-platform develoment really seriously. Further plans are expected to arrive at the Build Conference in March and at Xamarin Evolve in April.


To sum up, Microsoft expects its software to be run not only on Windows, but everywhere. Xamarin is a tremendous step ahead in this direction.