Anonymous user has published personal healthcare information of Australian citizens on a popular darknet auction. Medicare card data can be bought for 0.0089 bitcoins that are equal to $22. According to the seller, he has got the data access by using the vulnerability of the government system.


A buyer can just enter the patient name and his/here date of birth. After money transfer, the buyer gets the number of Medicare, federal insurance program, the validity end date of the document, and individual identification number, IRN. This can be later used as identification fraud since criminal group exploits the list to produce fake Medicare cards.


The healthcare insurance data is confidential and can be used as another document for identity authentication in Australia. The list has been present on the web since October 2016 and is still available. 75 transactions have been completed by now.


The Guardian reporter, Paul Farrell, has conducted an experiment. He bought data about his own insurance data and it turned out to be right.
He has written on his Twitter: “I purchased my own Medicare card details from the Darkweb auctioneer for just $20USD. The vendor even uses a fake Aus gov logo”.


medicare breach in australia