Glorium Technologies has met many interesting projects and products at this year Medica trade fair. We are eager to tell you more about our great experience.


glorium technologies on medica


We have already said a lot about efficient usage of doctors and patients time with the help of modern technologies. Medica showed us great solutions that save time and improve the treatment process.


NG Biotech is a company that brings innovation to testing and on-site treatment. It can analyze a test sample in 5 minutes and share the results. The test can detect any antibody, antigen, pathogen, parasite, hormone, drug, etc. It is then directed to the wireless mobile reader. A doctor gets results in a few minutes from a single drop of a test sample and can easily share it.


Ekuore company is an expert in the connected medical devices that enable telemedicine and continuous tracking and diagnosing of the patients. This allows to remove uncertainty and save both doctors and patients time. Ekuore developed a smart electronic stethoscope that allows listening, auscultation, and share the results captured.


Gmedical is a healthcare consulting and telemedicine company. They actively promote telemedicine in the healthcare industry and provide training courses for doctors, as well as patients.


VisionFlex created Medical Imaging Telehealth Hub that enables remote patients imaging and diagnosis. Images taken by the resolution-grade medical camera can be annotated with a diagnosis. Video conferencing technology is embedded, calls scheduling and data transmitting are available, as well.


Vanad Enovation supports healthcare integration and automation with medical devices and robotic solutions. The company has 13 years of experience with management of clinical and business systems. Company’s activities are directed to the increase of healthcare quality.


Beurer company has been the market leader in the healthcare and beauty industry for more than 95 years. It develops innovative products for healthcare such as blood pressure monitors, massage seat covers, flexible heating products and much more.


There are solutions for the doctors working remotely. Moreover, many wearable technologies help doctors to keep track of their patients.


Oscult helps doctors ‘stop working in the dark’. It is a portable ultrasound created for iPad. It brings sonography to the next level. The ultrasound system connects practitioners with each other by letting them share scans in real time and work remotely.


We met the guys from Med-Tab who finally showed portable DICOM-calibrated medical tablet. (Dicom is for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine). It provides doctors with high-quality and precise access to the medical image analysis. It has 11-bit portable DICOM grayscale calibration, as well as, a sensor that indicates whether the surrounding conditions are suitable for the image analysis. Cloud storage is available, too.


DyCare uses wearable technology for the patients assessment and monitoring patients with movement disorders. Their device is a motion analysis system with wearable sensors. It can measure and analyze kinematic data from any joint in real-time.


We were also surprised to meet governmental organizations that actively help startups, healthcare in particular.


One of them was OostNV, East Netherlands Development Agency, and their representative, Nick Alof. It develops companies that strengthen and stimulate the economy of several Netherlands regions, Gelderland and Overijssel. They are active in bringing innovations to market.


Alberta organization supports scientific research and innovation. It commercializes and invests perspective projects, healthcare in particular.


Fitness and wellness became an essential part of the healthcare industry. We’ve found this category representatives, too.


PowerBreathe is a device that helps people train their breath. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? The case is, it is an ‘intelligent electronic muscle trainer.’ Its primary purpose is to maximize one’s fitness performance eliminating breathlessness. After scientific researches, it is now prescribed in the UK helping patients with breathing problems.


Health Care Originals provides patients with the wearable device that counts cough, respiration, wheeze, and heart rate. The application supports medication reminders, symptoms displays, and treatment plans. It makes respiratory treatment much more convenient.


Another great company that helps stay fit is Bodystat. Their device measures fat-free mass and calculates fat mass, as well as, total body water, cell mass, and much more.


There are technologies that help you analyze your behavior and make life-changing choices. For instance, Somatix. Their technology tracks hand-to-mouth gestures in real-time using smartwatches and wristbands sensors. Fighting smoking habit is one of their great use cases (Smokebeat).


Self-examination is an important sphere in the healthcare industry. Braster is a great company to belong to this very sphere. This device provides women with breast self-examination and makes their life easier. Braster’s scientific team invented applying liquid crystals for early breast cancer detection.


Medica hosted so many incredible projects and companies that it is impossible to include them in one blog post. So, to be continued.