As promised, another portion of the inspiring companies Glorium met at Medica. Many of them started from the sport and fitness industries, but everyone knows how close these are to the wellness and healthcare. So, let’s start.


The aim of Myontec company is to bring new perspectives in measuring and analyzing muscles performance. Direct muscles measurement and monitoring will improve the development of workouts and training and have an impact on the healthcare industry.


Kinduct software collects physical performance data and helps take the right decisions concerning it. Predictive analytics, visualization, and reporting tools make it easier to share all the information in a secure way. It can be used for athlete monitoring, training, fitness testing and assessment, rehabilitation, injury tracking and much more.


Medical devices sphere is rather regulated, and it is not an easy task to keep track of all the necessary actions. MatrixMedical makes it easier with its management solution for medical devices requirements.


AiQ Smart Clothing marries electronics and textiles. They make interactive clothing that is convenient for the everyday use. They produce gloves to accurately manage touchscreens at the low temperatures, LED safety lighting, electronic heating garments, bio-monitoring and antiradiation clothes.


Another cool motion analysis solution is GaitUp. They work on clinical machine analyzing with wearables. Motion signals are hard to interpret, and they prepare meaningful data for performance or disabilities studies. Physilog, their product, is equipped with sensors, barometer, and GPS and is fixed on shoes. Sports and healthcare industries benefit from it most. Physilog supports running in appropriate conditions, trainers, and with appropriate technique.


Biovotion is another way to sustain health and physical performance. Their wearable device covers a wide range of parameters, such as heart rate, blood oxygenation, skin temperature, steps, and motion, and there are even more to come in the future.


From the motion to senses. Shimmer company develops wearable sensing systems. It offers wireless sensor technologies that capture and communicate sensed data.


Artificial intelligence can be used for saving lives too. WearHealth’s AI-based platform can learn from the medical experts and data from wearables. On such a basis, Personal Health Assistance (PHA) from Wearhealth can help with patients-doctors imbalance. The company faces five global health problems: obesity, diabetes, inactivity, smoking, and hypertension. PHA can be run on any wearable or medical device.


Measurement is an essential part of the healthcare industry. Essentim produces the scope, measurement device, that is designed for cell culture labs. It is easy to attach the scope to a dish, and it will immediately provide all the data required.


Other great guys we met at Medica are Buddy company, the platform for pre and post surgery patients.It automates preparation for surgery, as well as recovery procedures. It makes detecting patients with specific needs much easier. Specifically, the platform is targeted to the children hospitals as pediatrics faces unique challenges.


Integrity-app company promote the idea of needleless glucose monitoring. It uses ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and thermal technologies. The sensor clips to the ear and calculated results are displayed on the hand device.


Medica hosted more than 6,000 participants, and it was, unfortunately, impossible to learn all of them. We hope to catch up the next year. See you!