It is important to make a right decision on where to move on in the professional field. That’s why Glorium Technologies decided to create an infographic illustrating hiring tendencies in the IT world.

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To find a great specialist nowadays is not hard, to hire him or she – that is the task. There are still ways to succeed, let’s see them in detail.

Main problems. Demand and supply on the labor market are not equal. Consequently, too many positions are slowly filled. Dew apply for a posiiton: specialists are not looking for a job – they are offered ones.

Such a situation leads to the new strategies:
Increase of junior positions. Too expensive to hire senior specialists – easier to grow own professionals.
Employers are more flexible and hire with skill gaps.
More relocation and remote work opportunitoes due to the lack of specialists.

Business development requires new technologies and updates. That’s why, specialists with the knowledge of both new and out-of-date systems are needed to migrate successfully.

Who hire the most in IT. Financial services provides, healthcare, managed services, telecommunications, hospitality.

Major reasons to hire in IT. Security, mobile technologies and big data.
Wearable devices are another drive for more positions available. According to Robert Half Technology survey, 81% of CIOs believe that wearables will become a major attribute of a working place.

Popular jobs in North America. Developer, business analyst, quality analyzer, systems administrator, database administrator, support.
The followin skills are in high demand: .NET/C#/Asp.Net, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails. Visualization (UI/UX) skills are also important, as well as Windows native app development skills.

IT salaries in the US. Guys who get the most in Administration: CIO, CTO, CSO, Technology Director ($122,750-$268,250). Leaders in Application Development: Mobile Application Developer, Application Architect, Lead Application Developer ($110,750-$171,750). The most expensive in System Integration: Senior IT Auditor, Practice Manager ($116,000-$173,500). Database Administration leaders: Big Data Engineer, Data Architect, Data Warehouse Manager ($123,750-$183,500).
Substantial salary increase (comparing to 2015) got Wireless Network Engineer, Data Scientist, Big Data Engineer and Mobile Applications Developer: by more than 8%.