Information Technology sphere has been rapidly developing through 2016. It is not going to stop in 2017, as well. Gartner says that IT costs are to get to $3.5 trillion in 2017. It is a 2.9 percent rise comparing to 2016, software and IT services being the most prominent in the IT industry. Software costs are expected to grow 7.2 percent in 2017 ($357 billion). IT services costs are also to increase 4.8 percent ($943 billion). We have outlined 7 main trends IT will stick to in 2017.


1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are to take the leading positions, according to Gartner. Having reached the crucial point in the development, they are to change almost any technology now present on the market. Actually, there is a tendency to create systems that learn and can potentially act autonomously without instructions.


2. Intelligent apps can make routine tasks easier (for instance, virtual personal assistant). They have a wide range of implementation, like marketing and enterprise planning. Such usage switches focus to the advanced analytics, AI-powered business processes, and AI-powered interfaces. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2018, the vast majority of the world top companies will utilize intelligent apps, as well as, big data and analytical tools.


3. Big Data, conveniently arranging large scopes of information and making it useful, is also a big trend for 2017. Big data is expected to get improved with visualization and accessibility.


4. Internet of Things (IoT) is to progress further. There is an issue though with the way it develops. The case is the competition on the IoT market is really high, but the level of collaboration is low. So, the apps involved are poorly connected with each other. However, big companies with a uniform UX are to take part making the sphere more integrated.


5. Augmented and Virtual reality allows business transfer their graphics onto the real objects. Digital twin is another interesting tendency to evolve in the next year meaning that loads of physical things will be duplicated in form of the dynamic software models.


6. User experience is what business should take care of. Customers are getting more and more demanding. As a result, companies have to develop and implement analytic tools. Analytics and useful data (where users come from, how they interact with an app, etc.) help study users’ issues and solve them until they turn away from the product.


7. Blockchain technology is about to grow in the IT field, as well. Blockchain is a way of transferring database across multiple computers. Market Reports Hub states that the global blockchain market will reach $2.3 billion by 2017 ($210.2 million in 2016).


So, let’s wait and see what the New Year will bring for the world of technologies.


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