As your company moved forward with optimism for the future, you must routinely keep your eye on the cost of doing business. Operations, sales and marketing, fulfillment, supply chain management, human resources and so much more.


Of course, the technology and the technology department that supports your efforts must be carefully monitored and assessed to make sure it’s truly supporting your current and future needs.


Have you ever wondered if:


  • •  You may be overspending on hardware, software or even IT personnel?
  • •  If IT and line of business are truly in sync?
  • •  If there was a way to reduce costs while maintaining current effectiveness?
  • •  If there was a way to even reduce costs and increase effectiveness?


Believe it or not, in many cases – based on our years of study and with experience working with small, medium and large business clients – there is often a way to accomplish this last point. There are many ways to reduce your IT footprint while simultaneously increasing its output. We’d like to share a few with you now.


The Cloud


As you are no doubt aware, The Cloud is becoming more and more viable in the business community. It offers a host of advantages, including non-site hosted software, elimination of dependence on in-house hardware and remarkable flexibility and resilience.


By shifting many or all of your business processes to a Cloud-based solution, you can expect to immediately cut out excess human capital, hardware and administrative costs. You gain data security and backup capability, and you only pay for what you use, as opposed to acquiring assets before you need them.


Software integration


As small companies grow into medium sized companies – and even as medium become large – there is often a great deal of independent software that needs to be consolidated. This generally goes back to the beginning, when off the shelf systems were purchased to handle the many different management tasks that go along with the establishment and organization of any company.


However, as you grow, the need for larger enterprise solutions becomes mandatory. Even at this stage, many businesses still rely on 3rd party software for certain functions, and a chasm between different departments can open that swallows productivity and costs you money. By integrating these software systems together, it’s possible to streamline your efforts and save a great deal of time and money.


Data management


We live in an age of data. With massive computer storage capacities and the power of broadband internet, the amount of data that’s routinely passed around has grown exponentially over the past few decades. While all of this data is critical, it also takes up a surprisingly large amount of space.
Furthermore, accessing, storing and management of your data can become enormously time consuming. There comes a point when traditional relational database system just isn’t up to snuff. You just can’t afford to wait minute after minute for your programming to sift through thousands of gigabytes of database information every time you need something.


Big data solutions are a vital link to your past, current and future information. They’re designed to speed up the processing as well as reducing lost time and efficiency.


There are many other ways to cut IT costs and increase IT efficiency. For more information on this topic, please check out the rest of our blog, or feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss it with you. Good luck!