If there is one thing that seems constant in today’s digital marketplace – it’s the consistent release of innovative products, services and software applications of all kinds. You can hardly turn around today without somebody sending you a link to check out Microsoft Holo or IBM’s Watson – 2 unique and as yet to be released applications.


It’s all fine for Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple and others to create innovations – they have all the money in the world, right? What about you and your company? What about your creative team?


Innovation is all around


No matter what your business does – it can innovate. You and your team can come up with and implement something unique to your industry. Something that:

• Improves customer relations

• Streamlines the sales process

• Increases productivity

• Hones the blade of your financial power

• Enhances your reputation

• Raises the overall level of your quality


This is just a sample of what you could do. Innovation not only improves your current situation, it increases profitability and just makes you a better company.


Who knows? You may even come up with something that’s not only innovative – you may revolutionize your industry or the way that people do business. It happens, and often from the most unlikely sources.


The key that unlocks innovation


Before you can come up with a brilliant idea – before you and your team have that ah-ha, lightbulb moment – you must first identify a need, a problem or a gap that must be filled.


Once you do, you are then ready to be brilliant. Yes, brilliance can in fact be turned on like a light switch, and here’s how…


You form a mastermind group.


The idea of the mastermind group was first explained and introduced by Napoleon Hill, author of “The Law of Success”, “Think and Grow Rich” and other well-known books. Although human beings have been using masterminds as long as we’ve been around, no one before Hill had ever identified them and solidified – and proven – the idea.


Essentially, the idea behind a mastermind group is that 2 or more brains are better than 1. When you and your team, and even an outside consultant or outsourcing company, put your heads together and operate in harmony, innovation is born.


It’s such a powerful thing, the mastermind that it almost never fails to produce. Provided you put this sort of “think tank” together with the idea that no one is going to be criticized, every idea is worth exploring and everyone is seeking the same goals. The more harmonious the group, the more powerful and frequent the innovations are likely to be.


If you want to know more about this concept, or would like to know how we’ve implemented the mastermind to help other clients create innovations in their fields, please feel free to contact us. At the very least, you may want to read a blog post of a few weeks back.


Good luck on your next innovation!