The U.S. Navy SEALS have a saying, “you plan your dive and you dive your plan.”


Yet, in today’s digital world, where technology improves and changes seemingly overnight, is it really worthwhile to formulate a long-term… or even a short-term plan for the creation, execution and management of your company’s technology?


In our humble opinion, based on years of developing software, supporting IT infrastructure and creating innovative web and mobile applications – as well as planning strategies for all of these – it’s absolutely critical to create a plan.


You’ll never reach a goal you don’t set


The fact is that while you may never achieve exactly a goal you set out, especially long-term goals, the reality is that you’re certainly sure not to reach it if it’s not set. In other words, if you want to land on the moon, aim for the stars.


When it comes to IT, creating a plan of action is vital. Your technology is the very backbone of your operation, and just as you need long term sales plans and operational plans, so too must your technology management strategy support these goals.


How to create an effective plan


Always keep in mind that a plan can be changed or modified. Any good IT plan should be flexible, because it has to be. It can be said that a rigid plan that cannot or will not be changed is worse than no plan at all. In a rapidly changing technology environment, this is absolutely the case.


In order to create an effective technology strategy, start by reviewing all of your company’s goals and then determine what technology is required to support them. Once you know that, you can break down the execution of the plan into smaller bite-sized and more affordable chunks.


For example, if you want to expand your business and move from small to medium, you’ll need to implement an enterprise-wide IT software solution at some point. If your 5 year plan says that you’ll need to do this in the next 3 years to support the further 2, you’ll need to start getting ready.


That could mean that you must begin acquiring networking gear, searching for the right system admin and so on. It could also mean that it may be best to move forward more quickly with a Cloud-based solution that is more easily scalable and more cost-effective.


Your specific plan can be very complex and unfortunately, this article is insufficient to deal with all the possible variations. However, if you find yourself in a position where creating a truly solid and flexible IT plan is necessary or even desirable – just to see what you could do – then get in touch with us today.


Glorium Technologies has worked closely with many clients to analyze their current and future needs and to come up with a working technology strategy that both supports their growth and often saves them time and money. Give us a call today and let’s chat about your situation.


With a good plan, you can achieve great things!