With more and more users spending more and more time on apps, content from the apps gets more and more important. In the very beginning, Google was trying to solve this issue by indexing apps. Now, it gets even further by introducing its users to “InApps”. It will search for the notes, music, contacts and much more directly (safely, privately, offline and all the staff alike) in the applications installed on your phone.


At first, it can seem useless. But let’s imagine you are trying to find out what bar your friend has suggested you two weeks. InApps can easily help you, currently though it is restricted to the Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube. Google claims to work on the integration with LinkedIn, Guide, FB Messanger and some others. Moreover, it is convenient to find a contact, listen to music, watch a video or check plans in only one app.


Due to various technical issues, InApps is available only for Android now. The case is, users personal data is not indexed. And to answer your query about some personal staff, InApps has to integrate into mobile operating itself.


The apps world is getting more and more convenient. This brings more and more apps users. This means your company should finally take care of its own users and provide them with an app.
In our turn, Glorium Technologies promises to help you with such an important task.