In our digital world, where information and communication travels around the globe in milliseconds, a whole new set of doors has been opened for businesses to prosper. Opportunities for growth and expansion are boundless as is the ability for companies to easily and effectively tap into powerful – and very affordable – foreign technical skill.


Of course, one of the biggest complaints about outsourcing has always been that the language barrier between two disparate cultures creates a host of difficulties in communication and efficiency. Time zone differences and a language barrier have often made offshore IT production not worth the savings.


However, there is a new way to solve these problems and to give native companies the opportunity to vastly increase their ability to acquire new and powerful technologies. It’s what we like to call Hybrid outsourcing.


Essentially, with this new form of outsourcing, a native-speaking liaison is assigned to work directly with the client. This liaison then coordinates and manages all offshore development assets. In this way, the client need never worry about language barriers or any other headaches commonly associated with trying to manage non-native developers.


The liaison acts as intermediary, manager and almost as a virtual employee of the client. The language and distance barriers are removed, and the client dramatically increases the power of their IT dollar. Tremendous applications can be developed because the client now has access to the world’s finest, and most inexpensive talent.


While not quite as inexpensive as dealing directly with an offshore development firm, Hybrid Outsourcing is still far less expensive than using onshore developers in most cases. Hybrid outsourcing incorporates the best of both worlds. It delivers top quality development services at much less costly rates – thus allowing the client to acquire and implement far more powerful and scalable applications. Additionally, the hybrid method also eliminates the common communication and efficiency issues of offshore outsourcing by providing a direct link who can communicate just as effectively with each side.


Hybrid Outsourcing is truly the perfect solution for growing companies.