As modern enterprises are becoming more IT aware, they’ve developed a flexible attitude to the evolution of modern IT technology: this is promised to bring them success. The usage of hybrid mobile development gave them resilience they were searching for. Hybrid mobile apps are built with a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is what enables them to access from a web page to native apps, such as camera, contacts and more.


With the release of new HTML5, these apps became more compatible and user-friendly. So, what should you expect from HTML5 release? Is it just a more sophisticated HTML, which is hyped like a pop song, or perhaps it can be of help? To contradict it, HTML5 apps do not only ease the enterprise workload but also are able to get adjusted to consumer needs. HTML5 is not just a version of HTML4, it is a completely new philosophy, which changed the way developers used to develop web pages and applications. HTML5 is a new standard that is to be followed, as its strong points are blatant.


The recent updates awarded users with more broad and convenient working spectrum. Now by using HTML5 you can avoid compatibility issues that may occur on the older Web pages or browsers. Owing to new tags added in HTML5, audio and video сan be inserted without additional plug-ins. Such feature also makes it suitable for mobile apps usage, as mobile browsers do not support multimedia plug-ins.


The major change also touched upon the main constituent of the former HTML4 that is “div”. In fact, div is rectangular square, which can be filled by any data. That was the very problem: any item could be placed in such boxes, which, usually, created a mess. The only way to differentiate those items was adding to each div unique id. So, if we wanted to create a header we would write <div id=”header”>. In the newest version, this problem is solved by adding new elements. Now it is enough to type <header>.


What is more, with HTML5 the drag and drop function is being simplified. For example, now by clicking on a particular product you can drag it to a basket and, as the result it is being added automatically to your purchase. This operation used to be a difficult task, whereas now it is a matter of a few seconds.


In addition, now you can easily find the location of your Web-site visitor. This option is rather helpful for sales market. So there is no wonder why leading companies do appreciate IT gimmicks.


Considering the visual aspect of HTML5, the canvas function allows now to create images right on the Web page using also JavaScript. This helps to generate images without page reload. Such union enhances the productivity of HTML5 apps enormously. In this case, HTML5 is not only a Web page creator, but also a complex application, which combines browser window with native applications. Such hybrid apps easily gain access to such mobile features as contacts, cameras and photo albums.


HTML5 is a perfect way for an enterprise to keep pace with the times. With the help of such apps, the software can be easily updated and work along with the native apps. As a result, with the help of HTML5, you can kill two birds with one stone as these apps can work both for desktops and for mobile devices.