How to make users love your app


With the technologies getting more and more sophisticated, users are becoming more and more demanding requiring mobile development process to make further changes. An app can’t satisfy them with just a perfect UI and UX,  it should be personal and perform foreseeing features, so that to make a modern client happy and what’s even more important, from the business perspective, loyal.



To achieve this, development process should be built upon collaboration between developers and marketers. The case is, the needs of your target audience should be considered from scratch, as they say. This also allows developers to solve real users problems as marketers have better understanding of the issue. There’s been a great example recently in the Silicon Valley: developers usually need less to understand more speaking about the final product, and marketers, without extensive technical background, can help overcome this barrier between techies and “simple people”.


The cost of the mistake

According to the Statista, in July 2015 we had 1,500,000 apps on AppStore and 1,600,080 on GooglePlay and the number is still growing. What conclusion can be made from this? Right, you should stand out. Idea is primary, you should solve the problems of your prospect clients. But, when they download your app, the first thing that they see is how quick it launches. And this can be crucial to the time your app will remain on their gadget. According to ThinkWithGoogle site, 29% of smartphone users delete an app if its speed does not satisfy them. Kissmetrics say you will lose 30% of your users if it takes for your app 10 sec to load. So, be serious about your app loading time.


Tech Part

Releases that are fast make users happy: monthly large releases allow you to change your app in accordance with your users wishes. It makes an app more convenient and more personal, satisfying personal needs of the clients. Testing and analytics will show you where users get stuck and what probably they don’t like, you literally understand them. Such information can even inspire you for the new features to make the user experience even more fascinating.


Taking all the points above as action items, it is possible to bring all your app users to the loyal category.