Mobile technologies were never so powerful before. What yesterday was supposed to be inconvenient for managing major projects and impossible for business use, today goes without saying. Mobile revolution has rapidly changed its sphere of influence from social communication to the business world. Smartphones and tablet enabled the precious opportunity to work whenever and wherever you need. In order to stay in the swim, to exchange information and data, as well as share experience knowledgeable employees require mobile access at any time. No wonder that smart phones and tablets gained popularity, as their main feature, mobility, made it all possible.


A slight look at numbers will give a proof that mobile technologies conquered business world. There are 7,3 billions of mobile devices on Earth whereas 7 billions of people. A study revealed that small business uses mobile devices to perform different functions. 73% of companies claim that they use them for social media marketing, 71% for email marketing, 44% for advertising, 34% for mobile websites and 18% to manage operations.


Gadgets’ impact is mostly noticeable in sales and services, where real-time interaction is enabled via mobile applications. Once, mobile apps of social networks were considered as the cheap communication tool. Now they are also a powerful tool for selling goods, attracting consumers and creating ads. An average Twitter or Facebook user will definitely follow brands of clothes, gadgets or any other products. Once you follow it – you buy it in the future.


Nowadays, a good salesman has always smart device at hand. Being always on the road, with these gimmicks, he or she can manage bargains and access real-time data when away from office and PC. With the help of smartphones or tablets sales can stay in touch with clients round the clock.


Another reason for mobile devices prevailing in business world is that they help to save large sums of money. Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council conducted a poll which shows that, collectively, smartphones and tablets save business owners around 2 billion hours each day and $6,000 a year. This is possible due to the SaaS programs which are used by companies. Using Software as a Service programs is much cheaper than having the whole IT department to build them. The biggest advantage of using SaaS programs is that they provide a company with the real time data and cloud storage. Consequently, all the data can be stored on a smart phone or tablet.


Apart from all above mentioned, mobile technology revolution also created an opportunity to manage money easier than ever before. Anytime, anywhere with the touch of your finger you can check the balance on your card, transfer funds, pay bills, make purchases and much more on the go. It eliminates all the mass with bank visits and filling out order papers. Business appreciates the time this process saves for them.


As the mobile technologies improve, the business is likely to see more advantages to both management and making profit. Companies that do not keep up with trends are likely to be done for stagnation. The upcoming months and years will unveil new technologies that will no doubt change the way we do business even further.