There’s no getting around it – we live in the technology age. Since the 1970’s, when the personal computer began to make its appearance, the infiltration of computer technology into our lives has been growing steadily.


In the 80’s, the idea of people buying and using computers in their own homes was just taking hold, but by the beginning of the 1990’s, the idea was firmly rooted, if only for the minority of the average person.


However, since the dawn of the new century, the idea of not having your own computer, or even multiple computers, has become absurd. And with the launch of smart phone technology – we’ve reached a turning point and can never go back again.


Now, we live in a time when the average consumer, even unknowingly, is in complete control of how even the largest companies design, develop and adapt their internal and external Information Technology.


From server-side enterprise-wide operational systems to Cloud-based software to the powerful website applications that can be developed, it’s critical that any business who wishes to carve out and maintain its place in today’s market has the most powerful and flexible IT possible.


When you throw mobile into the mix – there’s no question on the importance of how you use IT to chart the course of your business, interact within your company and manage customer relations.


People are starving for information, for contact and they want it now. This means that a business’ technology must be made to provide what customers want. This means:


* Fast and flexible internal software.
* Integration of server, Cloud, internet and mobile applications.
* Real time customer relations management.
* Up to the minute financial, productivity and supply chain awareness.
* 24/7 total reliable IT for employees, investors, partners and customers.


It’s your ability to adapt quickly to changes in legislation, growth, demand, supply and technology that now determines your success. It’s more important than ever that your IT stay up to date and is capable of scaling up and down almost instantly.


This is a demanding time, but it’s rewarding to those who know how to master their IT and who know where to turn for the most skilled and cost-effective development resources available in the world today.