You’ve probably heard the term “information age” before. It’s actually not a new term – however, in today’s internet-driven digital world, the information age has taken on a whole new meaning.


Companies with large data sets have always relied on applications to power their ability to store, retrieve and manage big data. Now, with the rapid expansion of web and mobile technology, big data is only getting bigger. As if this weren’t headache enough – the speed at which this big data must be stored, retrieved and managed must also increase proportionally.


Another interesting yet potentially frustrating problem with big data is that the bigger your data sets become, the more quickly they’re likely to grow. This means that not only must you have robust big data management systems to handle your vital information, your systems must also be able to scale with the growth of your information and the demand for it as well.


The problem isn’t going away any time soon


Big data is here to stay. In the past, systems like MySQL and Oracle were sufficient to manage your important and secure information. However, as you and your information have grown well into the terabyte range, these applications can no longer handle the load.


Hadoop is now the big data solution for the 21st century. Hadoop-based big data solutions can be developed to handle and scale with even the largest data sets and most demanding requirements.


Perhaps an even greater advantage is that a Hadoop-based big data management solution can be developed on the cloud. This means that not only can you easily manage huge sets of information, you can do so remotely and tie the management of data into a web and mobile-based interface.


Of course, for some, the idea of porting critical data to an outside location is a source of worry. In these cases, where some level of in-house control is required, a hybrid server-side and Cloud-based Hadoop solution can be created and integrated to give you the best of both worlds.


No matter which option you choose, creating a strong and scalable big data management solution is an important key to a thriving business in today’s world. The storage, retrieval and management of massive sets of data can be as easy to deal with as when you first got started – with the right help, of course.


Pick your developers carefully, get references, inspect their work and test their skills. When you make the right choice, you’ll be amazed at the speed and efficiency of your big data solution.