EmpowHer, a social health company, together with LiveHealth Online, health management corporation, have surveyed some moms and the ways they digitally manage their family health.


The first conclusion the researchers came to is that moms actively use the results of health and technologies merge. 82% of mothers surveyed claim to be the most health-technically savvy in their families. It isn’t surprising due to 100% of them want to have 24/7 contact available with their doctors.


79% of moms expressed interest in telemedicine so that they can have access to the treatment in not-so-serious cases. 54% of women consider the video visits to doctor as their “health security blanket.”


64% of mothers say that healthcare apps are more important than video streaming and food delivery services. The same number of moms asked find it difficult to bring their kids to see a doctor during the working hours. 71% of moms say they lose 2+ hours from the work/study day because of doctor visits.


61% of mothers are extremely optimistic about the future of digital healthcare and believe that it will make their kids much healthier.


To sum up, mothers are a great target audience for the healthcare apps. We think you should consider such an option and are always ready to help you with it.  


You can take a look at the infographic with the research here:


Image credits: EmpowHER