Connected Health took place on October, 25-27. Glorium Technologies have attended the conference to be in line with the current healthcare software market trends. We had a chance to dive deep in patient engagement; patient, customer and provider experience; medical adherence; and the cross-section of technology, medicine. To prove that, we want to introduce you to the interesting companies we met.


Abaka Health team is among the ones to improve healthcare and patients’ experience, in particular. They make treatment plans convenient, cost estimates transparent, collections timely, administrative burdens smaller.


WELT is another interesting company we have met on the Connected Health. They develop a smart belt, health tracking device to measure waist size, track activities and record eating habits. It is a great and fashionable option among the other wearable devices.


Hexoskin develops a smart biometric shirt that measures body metrics, like heart rate zones, breathing rate, minute ventilation and many others. It is also involved in sleep metrics analysis.


We are proud to be involved in the healthcare software market and make such an important industry more convenient and human-oriented.