ConhIT is a leading event in Europe, standing for connected healthcare IT. This month, it is celebrating its tenth anniversary holding an event from the 25th to 27th of April 2017 on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. Its main aim is to showcase the ways Information Technologies are improving the healthcare industry.


conhIT is the place where manufacturers, users, scientists, and everyone interested in the field, meet together to explore the latest digital healthcare tendencies and share knowledge and experience.


Glorium Technologies team is glad to join such a fascinating event being an important part of the healthcare IT world. Having a tremendous experience in the healthcare software development, we believe that we have interesting cases up our sleeve to share with you.


If you want to schedule a meeting for us to tell you about successful stories in healthcare software, feel free to contact us by phone, skype, email, social networks, whatever is convenient for you:
skype: vlsmile
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