As an established IT service provider, Glorium Technologies has spent much of its time working with corporate and medium-sized clients.  From managed IT support to Agile software development and the development of new products, we’ve distinguished ourselves in the IT industry.


However, we haven’t forgotten where we came from, and how vital it is to support and guide new businesses from the seed of a startup and into the hearty oak of a powerful and effective business.  When experienced businesses can lend a hand to new up and comers, it gives fledgling entrepreneurs a chance to add their voice to the chorus of small business which is the very financial backbone of the country.


So, Glorium is very pleased to announce that we participate in JFE Network of New York City startup accelerator program.  Essentially, we meet with budding entrepreneurs who want to get into a market with innovative ideas and products.  They now have the opportunity to sit with Glorium and JFE experts and get one on one advice on how to go about it successfully.


The accelerator program is more than just a chat over a cup of coffee – it’s an intensive 2 month program that gives new entrepreneurs:


• Mentor office hours with Glorium and other top industry experts

• Business development workshops

• Weekly sessions with expert speakers

• Legal frameworks

• 1 on 1 meetings with investment firms and angel investors


As a well-founded IT hybrid outsourcing and development firm, Glorium has ranged over the length and breadth of our industry.  We know what it is to start from the ground up and to work hard to grow into a powerful industry leader.  We’re grateful to our supporters and clients and we feel that it’s time for us to give back – to help other entrepreneurs reach their goals and dreams as well.


Some of the areas we focus on include: viewing and structuring IT as a profit center rather than as a cost center, proper use of Agile development for maximum speed and proficiency without sacrificing quality, developing a product or service that meets and exceeds the demands of their customers.


We strongly support and believe in the JFE accelerator program and we’re very proud to be a part of it.  It has been both an honor and a pleasure and we’ve already established solid and rewarding relationships with many startups.


When innovative minds are given the chance to succeed, we all win.  Glorium takes as much care in mentoring tomorrow’s business leaders as we do in providing top-level IT services to our clients.  When we all pull together, there is no obstacle which can stand in our way!