Medica Tradefair 2017 is over and Dusseldorf is getting calm again. But for us at Glorium Technologies it is only the beginning. The beginning of new connections, prospects, and opportunities. We’d love to introduce you some interesting companies with great projects we found at Medica.



iHealth creates healthcare products connected to the cloud. Users can measure, track and share all the vitals. Access to the data can be got by both doctors and close family members.

To their product range belong blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, body analysis scales, pulse oximeters and activity and sleep trackers. What’s more, all of them are connected to a mobile app that makes the process simple.



Oncomfort produces anxiety and pain self-management tools. It is a great alternative to the medication solution. It is “plug and play”, multilingual, and available 24/7”.

They provide Virtual Reality modules in any stressful situation, including invasive procedures, chemotherapies, radiotherapies, and some short procedures.
Oncomfort has been already pioneered by 20 doctors and 1500 patients in the US and Europe.


Delmont Imaging 
Delmont Imaging provides innovative, effective, and less traumatic imaging solutions. With the 2-million-pixel camera, users receive images of extremely high quality. It can be connected to an iPad through Wifi connections. Thanks to the USB stick to record movies in HD format.

Their application, Imagyn, allows doctors to create new patients, operative reports and share the information with patients or colleagues. The data access is highly flexible.


Nordic Simulators
Nordic Simulators produces a system that records simulation-based training. They also provide comprehensive and easy-to-use software that makes further debriefing more convenient.


TracPatch is a wearable technology to monitor patient recovery. It captures the range of motion progress. And doctors, in their turn, can track this information via a mobile app or a web dashboard. As a result, a patient can recover at home.

To keep track of patient activities, TracPatch has daily Patient Activity Score that includes steps, exercises, and range of motion. It even monitors wound site skin temperature to detect an issue before major changes. For sudden acceleration event, the device sends alerts to the doctor account.


Climedo Health
Climedo Health develops a data solution to manage data generated by medical research. It integrates all the information provided on a single system. There is an available comprehensive search function and sharing features.


GlassChair is dedicated to make people with disabilities hands-free when they drive their wheelchair. It requires only head motions and voice commands and can be simply plugged in.


Echolight produces a radiation-free diagnostic tool for bone strength, EchoS. It provides an instant medical report with all the common diagnostic parameters.
With EchoSound, they achieved the innovation for the bone strength assessment that is done with radiofrequency signals acquired during an echographic scan.


ZenTech provides IVD solutions for screening and diagnostic of newborns. ZenTech has come up with adapted in vitro diagnostic solutions using less or non-invasive sampling methods.


MS Westfalia
MS Westfalia has recently received Red Dot Award for their all-in-one-pack Critical Care modular solution. It has many features necessary throughout all critical care phases.


MicroPoint improves treatment process with its diagnostic products. They have mLabs Platform that provides rapid and accurate results. The platform is based on the patented technologies. mLabs can diagnose cardiac diseases within minutes.


Clinisent makes the connection between labs, healthcare professionals and patients even stronger. It is a new way of clinical communication uniting laboratory LIMS environment, patient EHR, back office task automation and patient engagement. It can be deployed either on physical infrastructure or cloud-based. In other words, it enables secure healthcare data sharing.


Movendo Technology 
Movendo Technology develops biomedical rehabilitation systems employing researches in robotics for a better understanding of human physiology.


Dr Langer Medical
Dr Langer Medical company develops many technology solutions. One of their interesting solutions is surgeon driven monitoring. It lets configure measuring setup with muscle group choice and measuring window. It shows all the important signals and signal changes.