It’s become a good tradition for Glorium Technologies to write about great companies we meet at various events. This time, we are going to tell you about Arab Health exhibitors we were lucky to talk with.


Telemedicine and patient monitoring through the wearable devices have been reported to develop at a swift rateю So, it shouldn’t be surprising that we’ve met a lot of the companies from the field:

AdEchoTech specializes in remote ultrasonography, designing and manufacturing in France. They were the first to launch a robotic tele-ultrasound solution bringing the teleradiology field to the next level. The MELODY remote ultrasound imaging system helps to efficiently work in the underserved areas.

Davi&Cia produces health monitoring equipment: pharmacy equipment, medical scales, skin analysis, and accessories.

Bioservo works in the wearables sphere, namely with Robotic SEM™ Technology that helps people who suffer from a disabling weak hand grip. Their technology is realized in form of a SEM Glove™.

Scarlet Red develops a medical device platform that makes it possible to track skin remotely, digitally analyze it, and complete Big Data analytics.

CSEMedical’s technologies provide smart monitoring systems for the improved patient diagnosis.
Pulse oximetry developed by CSE is robust against motion artifacts. It provides “oxygen saturation, heart rate, perfusion index and delta-Pleth(™) yielding high accuracy readings for patients independently of measurement conditions.” The company also specializes in electrocardiography.

GlucoRx is a diabetic products provider that covers self-management of blood glucose, health check, and easy testing by measuring blood glucose, ß-ketone, haematocrit and haemoglobin.


The examination is an important part of the treatment process, the first one, as well. Here are the companies that work in this particular sphere:

Planmed deals with advanced imaging equipment and accessories for the mammography, orthopedic, and computer tomography purposes. Planmed makes the diagnosis more accurate and always on time.

Medtron’s medium injectors allow examination with medical engineering imaging systems, such as magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and angiography.

Icare produces tonometers for the eye care professionals, self-tonometers for simplified monitoring, they have devices for very accurate downward measuring of supine patients. Their Icare Link software helps store and analyze the measurement data.


There were companies at Arab Health that substantially improve the treatment process.

Veinolus is a device with electro-stimulation to treat various symptoms of venous insufficiency. It can be applied in all stages of a disease. It is also recommended for the preventing venous risks.

Sublimed develops technologies for the chronic pain management. It is useful for both patients and health professional. Patient information provided by the Sublimed helps the later fine-tune their diagnosis and customize the treatment process.


We met companies that improve and standardize administration and workflows of the healthcare service providers./

NurseIT Institute
NurseIT simplifies the documentation process for the nurses with its CareIT Pro product: “More time for the patient — less documentation.” It also provides medical services with tools that reduce the risk and numbers of falls of the patients. NurseIT can also structurize and improve the nursing process with management method “ProNurse”.

Calgary Scientific
Calgary Scientific mainly focuses on the cloud technologies. Their ResolutinMD platform allows practitioners accessing and sharing information from anywhere, making them extremely flexible. Their PureWeb SDK makes the transportation to cloud fast.

Getinge Group
Getinge Group is healthcare products provider that improve the sphere and make it cost-efficient. Their product brands are ArjoHuntleigh, Getinge, and Maquet. It provides infection control systems for hospitals, streamlines workflows in surgical workplaces.Getinge Group has a range of products for life support in acute health conditions, as well as devices for care during and after recovery.

Ascom provides communication solutions for the hospitals that send a critical alarm to wireless phones or fixed displays, or it can create notifications from the laboratories when test results are ready.

Alvo creates solutions for the operating theaters, surgical preparation rooms, and other hospital areas. They support complete device integration and medical images management.

The Activ84Health platform enables elderly to experience all the benefits of outdoors cycling indoor. It provides exclusive experience with customized features: you can choose any street you want.

NateoSante produces professional air purifiers. They focus on such business sectors as medical, hotels/restaurants, and well-being. Their devices are smart, connected, and eco-designed. This provides an opportunity to analyze and control indoor air quality.


There are companies that improve the education and training process in the medical sphere.

CAE Healthcare
CAE Healthcare provides medical simulation to make the medical education process more efficient: patient simulation, surgical simulation, ultrasound simulation and clinical simulation management.

HumanX produces patient-specific anatomical models with virtual, customizable solution to improve training systems.


To sum up, Arab Health turned out to be a great event providing an opportunity for Glorium Technologies to find out even greater companies.