Arab Health Exhibition is a healthcare and trade professionals gathering, the largest one in the MENA region. It is a 4,400+ pool of the world’s healthcare leading companies from around 70 countries. Glorium Technologies is not going to miss the chance to participate in such a great event. We have what to share in the healthcare software field, and want to hear about new ideas and trends in the sphere.


The Arab Health Congress will hold 14 CME-Accredited Conferences (Continuing Medical Education): the latest healthcare issues and topics covered by the international specialists. The theory is not enough, and practice will be provided by Hands-on-Training (HoT) Modules to experience technological advancements. 3D Printing Zone will give the opportunity to check the innovations in the sphere. The schedule is going to be as follows:

time for arab health

If you are among the lucky ones who’ll be at the conference, we are always glad to meet. We’ve got tremendous experience in the healthcare software development and are eager to share it with others. To be 100 percent sure about the meeting to take place, please, schedule it with us at


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