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Medisante provides doctors with access to patient-generated health data for chronic conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and overweight indications. For this, uses devices with 3G, a connected care platform, and in-country data hosting. It consists of two integrated components: Medisanté ELIOT Platform and Connected Care Devices.


BTS Bioengineering
BTS Bioengineering develops solutions for motion analysis. The scope of their features covers motion assessment for medical rehabilitation centers with biomechanical and neuromuscular parameters. They are also used to improve athletes’ performance with augmented reality systems, wireless synchromyography, synchronized force platforms and optoelectronic systems. BTS Bioengineering is also involved in research.


SunTech Medical  
SunTech Medical is an expert in blood pressure technologies. It provides EM non-invasive blood pressure monitoring solutions. They deliver such features as patient monitoring, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory assessment. SunTech also has 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring devices.


BodyClock produces a bluetooth wireless TENS unit that can be connected to iPhone or Android device. It creates tiny electrical signals that penetrate the skin to intercept pain signals to the brain and helps release endorphins. As a result, it is perfect to treat chronic conditions, like shoulder pain, backache, etc.


Noraxon develops Ultium Biomechanics Research System. It captures biomechanics data in minutes. They became leaders in human movement studies with such features as EMG, 3D motion capture, pressure measurement, video analysis, and force measurement.


Novacor develops ambulatory recording solutions.It improves diagnostic process and meets cardiologist needs. Their device automatically ECG recording in real time.


ForaCare develops products for chronic disease management, mainly diabetes, and hypertension monitoring. They deliver the means to collect all the necessary medical data and platforms to measure this very data.


EME is an electromedical equipment manufacturer. They cover such categories as electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, pressotherapy, radiotherapy, scanning laser, neuromodulation, ultrasound and many more.


ITR software
ITR software develops software for various healthcare establishments. Their main focus lies in acute care, rehabilitation, private clinics and outpatient facilities.


KUKA Robotics 
KUKA Robotics creates medical robots that can be used wherever and whenever people need their support. For example, sensitive leg press for orthopedic analysis with motion data collection. Minimally-invasive tumor treatment, a robot-assisted system for breast cancer diagnosis belong to their product range, as well.


Sl Power Electronics 
Sl Power Electronics develops power conversion solutions. Products that help with choosing the right power supply for an application.