Tech trends 2015


As another new year approaches, business owners all over the globe are keeping a weather eye on the horizon. We’re all trying to tune into the trends of business, technology and people to help us determine how to chart a course into the New Year.


In this two-part series, we’ll discuss what Gartner, Inc. believes to be the top 10 technology trends for us all to be aware of for 2015 and beyond.


The three themes


Essentially, the tech trends for the New Year cover 3 themes:
• The merging of the real and virtual world.
• How technology is permeating everything.
• The digital business shift.


Trend #1 – Computing anywhere


The mobile revolution has come, and our ability to serve our employees as well as customers is now and will forever be irrevocably linked to mobile technology. Gartner says, and this author agrees, that competing in the mobile market isn’t just about the technology – it’s about how we can best serve the end user.


Trend #2 – IOT (the internet of things)


With new protocols and technology on the rise, the revolutionary idea that everything on the planet from devices to data streams can be linked together is fast becoming a reality. This breeds 4 usage models: manage, monetize, operate and extend.


Trend #3 – 3D printing


The cost of 3D printing continues to shrink while the capability increases. Industries are becoming more reliant on 3D printing and the technology that supports it.


Trend #4 – Self-adjusting systems


With the wider and wider use of embedded intelligence and deep rooted analytics, some level of self-reliant technology is fast becoming a standard. With systems able to detect and react to their surroundings and circumstances, robust development is required to service them.


Trend #5 – Smart machines


Perhaps continuing on the previous trend, the introduction and development of prototype autonomous vehicles, virtual personal assistants, advanced robots and smart advisors already exist. These technologies will expand rapidly and usher in a new era of smart machine helpers. Of course, as you might imagine, this promises to be both the most disruptive time for IT as well as the most expansive.


In the next part of this article, we’ll explore more trends for the New Year. We live in exciting times and with rapidly-growing technology, the potential for new development and new profits is virtually unlimited.