Oral Roberts University management, Oklahoma, obliged its students to constantly wear fitness trackers Fitbit. Trackers data will influence the students grades. Ars Technica writes about it as referred to the administration.

The requirement concerns 900 students from the “Health Fitness I” course (the total number of students in the university is 3500). Each student from the fitness course has to make 10,000 steps per day and to dedicate to the physical activities minimum 150 minutes per week. Physical activity showings will constitute 20% of students’ course grade. Students have to buy a tracker, set up an app and provide the university account access to the pulse and steps data. The administration, though, won’t track location. Currently, university shop has already sold more than 550 Fitbit bracelets.

Earlier, students from the course kept a similar tab of their sport activities by hand, and their grades were derived with the hard system of points record. Administration claims that it was considering fitness trackers for several years before they took a final decision – Fitbit.

From the date of Oral Roberts University foundation in 1965, fitness course is obligatory for all the first-year students.