There have been written loads of articles and blog posts about why companies should consider creating an app. Glorium Technologies decided to go a little bit further and gather interesting statistics, arguments and proofs emphasizing the importance of an app for the business.


Importance of an app in your client’s life


People are spending more and more time with their gadgets. And business should switch its investments in this direction. GoGlobe reports that mobile time has increased by 20% in 2015. Impressive, isn’t it? 85% of this time is spent on apps. TechScoop claims that average American spends 3.3 hours a day on a smartphone, with 127 minutes on apps. According to Juniper Research, 75% of Americans check phones every 15 minutes. To make it even greater, 79% of chat users are OK about brands communicating with them via apps (2015 MEC Survey). Flurry writes in its report that 68% of mobile users engage with brands via apps.


Just imagine that checking his/her phone every 15 minutes, your potential clients gets a push notification from the chat with YOUR special offers or other materials from the marketing campaign. Moreover, Google observes 91% growth of mobile use while looking for various services, even B2B ones.


So, we don’t see any reasons for companies to lose all the potential clients who are keeping hold on their smartphones.


Importance of an app for your revenue


Another key point for business is money. And apps have a great influence on it, as well. Statista shows that revenue gained from apps was $41.1 bn in 2015; in 2016 they expect this number to reach $50.9 bn, and 2020 is supposed to be marked with $101.1 bn revenue.


Internet Retailers demonstrates an impressive number of $100 bn spent on mobile advertising. This number has experienced a 430% increase comparing 2016 to 2013. GoGlobe provides the info that 42% of all mobile sales in leading 500 merchants came from mobile apps.


Kony predicts that enterprise mobility market is to grow from $72 bn to $284 bn by 2019. So, it’s better to take action now and be among the pioneers but among those trying to catch up. Statista keeps track of the growth of a number of paid-app downloads: 12.57 bn in 2015, 13.49 expected in 2016, and 14.785 expected in 2017. The revenue from apps is to grow too: $41.1 bn in 2015, $50.9 expected in 2016, $101.1 expected in 2020. Red Hat Mobile interviewed IT decision makers and 80% and found that 80% reported positive ROI on their apps.


Importance of an app for your business processes


Gartner expects up to 70% of the workforce to have a smartphone by 2018. According to Digital Strategy Consulting, 60% of employees use apps for working activity. Fierce Mobile IT claims that 71% of employees spend 2 hours a week accessing company info on mobile. And IPASS makes a conclusion: companies gain 240 hours per year per employee due to mobile working.


So, this was impersonal data. It is for you only to decide if your company needs an app or not.
However, if you take an option to proceed with an app, we are ready to help. We have a perfect understanding of the most advanced mobile development techniques and if your project is more specific or atypical, it is best to contact us –